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Every piece in collections starts from a solid piece of locally harvested black walnut, cherry, oak or maple. 57 NorthPlank uses only hardwoods because they exhibit the following characteristics which make them ideal for a long-lasting piece of furniture: 

  • Strength 
  • Stability
  • Grain structure.

We want you to love your 57NORTHPLANK furniture.  We also understand the decisions you need to make along the way  –  one of the first is the selection of woods.

Use our wood sample page to help you decide.  There is no other way to assure your color selection.  The beauty of real hardwood is difficult to capture in a photograph, however, we have done our best to illustrate the natural characteristics of our woods on this site.



The aristocrat of native hardwoods, Black Walnut occupies one of the highest positions in the hallmark of tradition.

Highly thought of for its meaty fruits, ancient Romans planted black walnut trees in south-central Europe and the UK. In the Americas, country folk collected the fruits to eat while artisans coveted the stock for guns, furniture, and other applications such as musical instruments and carvings.

Black Walnut is heavy wood, due to its grain structure.  It is stable, durable and strong.  At the same while, Black Walnut takes time an effort to get a final, clean finish. However, the best protective finish is a clear one.



Ohio is known for its native White Oak.  Found all over the state, Ohio’s White Oak is a dense, durable and sturdy wood used commonly in new home construction as beams, flooring and several other uses.

A favorite in furniture construction, White Oak has been used for a long time.  It was a favorite material for furniture built for British Tudor Monarchs and finds a home in today’s modern, clean furniture designs. Because of its strength, Oak has been used in shipbuilding and other applications where exposure to nature’s elements is a factor.  It carries a tight grain structure and resists water. Oak is commonly used in kitchen and bathroom cabinets.



Maple is the great pretender of hardwoods.  Commonly used in heavy use items like cabinets, dressers, and tables, it takes stains very well, and so mimics other woods easily.

Found throughout the United States in abundant quantities, maple flourishes around the Great Lakes, including Ohio.  Maple has a clean, white appearance and is generally straight grained with a consistent texture.

Used historically, a 1700s cabinetmaker called rock started manufacturing “Rocks Hard Maple Furniture,” and the name stays with the wood today. Rock Maple or Rock-hard Maple is commonly used in furniture that takes abuse.  Today, you’ll see it in desks, workbenches and butcher blocks.



Cherry is a prized wood in custom built furniture.  Known for its rich grain and reddish tone Cherry’s unique quality comes from its ability to change color over time, gaining rich, deep hues.   People associate Cherry with high quality.  Color plays a significant part in that perception.

Cherry grows in limited qualities throughout the United States.  The quality of individual stock is highly dependent on its harvesting location.  Soils have a lot to do with this.  Some produce more gum, and lesser quality lumbers while a cherry tree that grew faster tends to yield better lumber as the grain is tighter.

Ready To Order A Sample?

Samples and descriptions of our hardwoods are pictured above. However we recognize each selected hardwood is different from the next, and the real beauty of our woods is difficult to capture in a photograph.

We also understand your final selection may not be possible until you see and feel a sample. After all, there are features not evident in photos, like weight, grain texture, and hardness. So please contact us to order a sample package of all four kinds of wood we offer using the form below. We’ll send a package immediately.

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