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Design A Custom Piece With Us

Our process allows you to customize the size of a table, a desk, or a chest of drawers in just your style. We believe that your furniture should fit your room, your life, just the way you want.  Work with us to determine precisely what function, size, and type of wood will work best for you.

Design A Custom Piece With Us

Tailored means building furniture to your size.

Here’s How It Works

57NORTHPLANK builds furniture tailored to your needs. We offer a collection of thoughtfully designed pieces while providing the means to customize the height, width, and length to meet your tastes.

Our process is simple. It begins with a look over our furniture designs. Decide which of our collections best suits your situation. Select the type of wood, the hardware and next, take a complete measurement of the space you’re looking to fill. Then give us a call. We’ll talk through any remaining details and walk you through the process of placing an order.

Step 1

It’s time to spend some time looking through our collection. Armed with our suggestions, you can decide on the style of bookcase, table or other pieces that best suits the style of your home. Also, review our wood, finish and any hardware selections to compliment and finish your piece.

Step 2

Thoroughly measure the space where your new piece will live. (You can start to imagine what your piece will look like in the area you’re looking to fill.) We will need the height, width, and length of the open space.

Step 3

Give us a call. (1.888.501.4188) Tell us what you want to accomplish with your new furniture, we’ll review what you have and go over any remaining options before preparing a drawing of your new furniture for your review. We will make sure we’ve gone over every detail before ordering. We will then send you a drawing of your newly designed furniture piece.

Step 4

With your completed drawing, it’s time to call us again.  If everything looks correct it is time to order. We will walk you through the ordering process. However, don’t worry, if something seems unclear we are as close as a phone call.  Call us (1.888.501.4188) and we’ll answer any questions.

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