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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions about 57NORTHPLANK?  Here are some topics to help drill down into helpful information.

Shipping and Delivery

Q. How will my furniture be packaged?

A. It depends on whether we are personally delivering your order or having it shipped. If it is being shipped then every furniture piece is different. However, we generally use thick foam wrapping on most of the exterior surfaces along with an outer layer of clear plastic. Then, we tape all drawers and doors shut to prevent movement during shipping.  Finally, we wooden crate is built around your furniture to provide additional protection. For more information, visit our shipping and delivery page.

Q. How long does it usually take to have a product shipped?

A. It depends on how far you live from 57NorthPlank. If 57NorthPlank is delivering your furniture then 8-12 days after the order is finished in our workshop. If it is being shipped,  9-15 days is pretty typical until it arrives at your home.

Q. Will the shipping company unpack our new furniture?

A. If you live less than 500 miles from Columbus, we will generally bring the furniture ourselves. 57NorthPlank will unpack your new piece of furniture on the same floor level as the entrance and remove the packing materials. If you live greater than 500 miles from our facilities, A local carrier will set arrangements to bring it either inside a garage or to your front door. You will then be able to unpack and bring in the furniture from the shipping box.

Q. What if the furniture is damaged during the shipping or unloading?

A. Please contact 57NorthPlank, and we will replace the entire piece of furniture or any smaller pieces damaged during shipping. It is important that you document the damage with photographs.

Q. Do you deliver outside the US?

A. As of right now, we only deliver our furniture to the lower 48 states and the District of Columbia, this might change in the future.

Q. How will you set up the delivery?

A. If we are personally delivering to you (within 500 miles of Columbus, Ohio) we will call or email you to set up the delivery date and give you a 3 hour window.

However, if you live more than 500 miles from Columbus, Ohio, a certified delivery company will contact you to schedule the best day for the delivery. They will then contact you 48 hours before the delivery to set up a four-hour window as to when they will arrive with your tailored furniture.


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