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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about 57NORTHPLANK?  Here are some topics to help drill down into helpful information.

Ordering and Design Information

Q. Describe the ordering process.
A. If you want a custom sized piece from any one of our collections, please drop us a note, and we’ll respond to you. If you’d like to make our interaction brief, please have the size of the space you want to fill and the item from our collections. We will guide you through the ordering process.

Q: How will I know your furniture will fit in my space?
A. We will need the measurements. We will need the width and length of the space you want to fill, along with the height of the furniture you’d like to have built. Check 57NorthPlank/Measure for help.

Q: How will I know a piece can be built to the measurements I need?
A: Each piece in our collection has a graphic with possible dimensions so with a little imagination, you can decide if it will fit. Contact us before you place your order, and we will discuss what you want to do.


Let’s start with a quick consultation with one of our experts.  Tell us a little more about your custom project below, and we will reach out to you very shortly.

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