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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions about 57NORTHPLANK?  Here are some topics to help drill down into helpful information.

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Q.  Do you offer samples of the woods used in your furniture and if so how large are the pieces?

A.  Yes, we can send you a set of wood samples for $10.00. This package will contain examples of black walnut, cherry, white oak, and maple. The wood samples are each approximately  3” x  6.”  To order a complete sample set, please go to our sample ordering page.


Q.  What is the carrying weight capacity of each one of the drawers in a dresser?

A.  Our self-closing glides can hold almost 100lbs of weight per drawer.


Q.  I am worried about my children climbing on a bookcase and tipping it over.

 A.  Many of our furniture pieces include an anti-tip bracket set that attaches to both the wall of the back of the furniture. We strongly recommend using it, even if children are not living in the home.  Remember to find a wall stud and fasten the bracket to it securely. 


Q.  Do any of your cabinets have predrilled holes for running wires?

A.  Yes, all of our entertainment cabinets have holes in the back allowing wires and cables to pass through them. If you need any holes made in other pieces such as a bookcase, please contact us.  We can tailor your furniture to include custom holes for your particular need.


Q.  Am I able to mix two different species of wood in the same furniture piece?

A.  Unfortunately, no.  However, this could change in the future. Currently, you can only have one type of wood for a particular piece.


Q.  How glossy are the protective finishes on the furniture pieces?

A.  The products we use are typically between a matte and satin sheen. They generally do not appear to be very glossy once placed in your home. 


Let’s start with a quick consultation with one of our experts.  Tell us a little more about your custom project below, and we will reach out to you very shortly.

    Product Information

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