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Furniture Care

Taking care your furniture will help to keep it looking great for many years to come.

Most of our furniture pieces are finished with a water based lacquer. This finish provides protection against normal, everyday wear. However, there are a few things you can do to provide a lifetime use of your piece.

We recommend cleaning your furniture with a mild soap solution and a slightly damp rag.  Afterwards, wipe it down with a dry soft cloth.  Quickly wipe up any spills as standing water can possibly discolor the finish or even the wood underneath.

Temperature and humidity levels can impact the fit and longevity of solid wood furniture.  We suggest keeping the surrounding humidity between 40% and 60% with temperatures around 68-75 F. Large temperature or humidity changes can also damage solid wood furniture

Changes To A Wood’s Color With Age

All woods change color overtime.  Bright lighting especially natural sunlight can accelerate those changes. Cherry wood becomes darker, richer and often redder while walnut actually becomes lighter and loses some of its contrast in the grain.

We suggest protecting your furniture from harsh direct sunlight. Also moving objects from time to time that have been set on the top of the piece helps to slow down the contrast between the wood directly underneath and the surrounding wood.

Sun faded wood on a cherry wood dresser
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