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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions about 57NORTHPLANK?  Drill down into helpful information through these topics.

Furniture Care

Q. What general care should I use to maintain the furniture?

A. As long as the pieces are dusted from time to time, and you use no abrasive cleaning chemicals or scratch pads, no other unusual steps need to be taken for general care. We suggest using a high-quality microfiber cloth without any other chemicals for general cleaning of your tailored furniture.

Q. Is there an ideal environment for the furniture?

A. The furniture pieces should not be subjected to high humidity (great than 60% @ 72 degrees F), and the temperature remains between 55-80 degrees without dramatic swings. If you follow those guidelines, the pieces should last a very long time.

Q. Can water spills damage the piece?

A. While our protective finishes are durable, you should be careful of liquids standing on the surface of our products; they can cause permanent discoloration if they remain too long on the surface.

Q. Will my new furniture be damaged by being too close to a window?

A. Generally, it is essential to be aware that direct sunlight can cause wood in the exposed areas to change color over time. Additionally, any UV rays that reach the pieces can damage the protective finishes over the long term. We suggest it is best to not places our furniture in areas that will receive direct sunlight more than 4 hours a day and have windows with UV protection.


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